Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shipping update

we were finally able to aquire our tubs on Monday, almost a full week after they arrived here. Now we wait on getting home internet.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Waiting game

Some of our belongings (seven tubs worth) were shipped to us here. It took longer than we expected for them to be be shipped, then it took one week from the time they were picked up in America until they arrived at the airport here, this past Tuesday. We received a call yesterday that they were at the airport, Steve went yesterday, the customs office was closed, come back tomorrow. So Steve went today, there is still more things that need to be processed, come back tomorrow. I really hope we get them tomorrow.  Most of the girls toys and books are in the shipment. Ruth has almost memorized the six books we have (which is a good thing).

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why we clothe diaper

(We should have internet at home in the next few days-hooray! Then I'll be able to post pictures.)
We have been mostly using clothe diapers on the girls since they were about a month old each. We brought our stock of diapers and covers along when we came here. Boy are we glad we did. In a recent super market circular, the cost of a 50 pack Pampers on sale (admittedly not the cheapest brand at home either) was over 18 euro. With the exchange rate what it is (it takes about $1.30 to "buy" one euro) it's almost $25 to buy 50 diapers.  Both girls go through about 5 diapers a day each, so in one month we would need to spend $300 on Pampers! Well worth washing diapers every third day!