Friday, October 11, 2013

Shopping In Tongues

It can be quite a multi-lingual experience shopping here. Some things, such as this jar of parsley flakes is labelled in Serbian, as you would expect.
I want to appologize because many of the pictures in this post will be sideways. Since Serbian/Montenegrin is the language we're learning, it is good when things are in the local tongue. It is also good that we know enough of the language to be able to figure out what something is when it isn't obvious by container or store location. For example this tube of baby toothpaste which looks alot like a tube of diaper cream:
or the peanut butter which is located in the refridgerated dairy section of the store.
Isn't too hard to tell what audience peanut butter is marketed to, is it? Some other items, like our mouthwash, are products of Italy:
And there are some things where the label is in Greek, Turkish, German or Macedonian. I like it best when an item has several different languages on it:
I don't know if we would have figured out that this was nutmeg otherwise. And of course the point of all this shopping is so that we can eat and our girls can feed themselves, or each other: