Monday, April 1, 2013

Crayon Trouble

Ruth loves to color with crayons. The only problem is, she doesn't limit her "artwork" to the coloring book. In the past week we have confiscated the crayons because she colored on the walls, the table and the back of her sister's chair. She has also colored on puzzle pieces and her magna doodle. Fortunately we have been able to get the crayon off of everything, except Esther's chair (which is covered in cloth).
One day she got ahold of a sharpie, and added some original artwork to her books. Luckily they were board books and some water and a microfiber cloth cleaned them right up.
 Esther likes crayons too, but she prefers to color internally. Did you know that a black crayon, if sucked on, will "bleed" on your face?
Don't color on that, no, no, no.