Saturday, May 24, 2014

Independence Days

 May 21st and 22nd are Montenegro's Independence Days. I'm not sure why it lasts two days. The 21st is generally a day when people get together with their friends and have a Barbeque.
 We got together with a large group of friends, and friends of friends. We even brought some friends from America who were visiting us. Our language teacher and her son were there.
 Here is our group just before we eat. The food was awesome, by the way.
 Ruth is playing in a gravel pile with some other children.
Esther taking a walk with one of our very good friends.
On the 22nd we took a walk through the city with our visitors. We saw posters for the upcoming National Election.
And various groups of cars driving by waving the Montenegrin flag (and sometimes a politician's flag as well). You knew they were coming because they had horns blaring.
Montenegro has been independant from Serbia for 8 years now. I'm guessing the celebration in 2 years will really be something.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


 The girls love playing with kitchen utensils. One day they even ate their lunch from mixing bowls with large slotted and wooden spoons.

 They also love to help in the kitchen. They put on aprons and help make cookies or color eggs.On Sunday Ruth helped me make pizza crust and after it rose, put the toppings on (I made a second, bigger pizza for Steve and me). She said it was a smiley face.
Yesterday was Steve's birthday, so after I had measured all the ingredients in to separate little bowls, the girls came in and helped me pour them into the big mixing bowl and stir up the batter. I think it turned out pretty good. Tastes good, too.