Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making It Our Own

If you remember some of our earliest posts, there were pictures of our apartment when we moved in. Since we have been living here for almost seven months now, we have added and changed some things to make it reflect more of who we are. I thought I would include some pictures of how some of the rooms look now that we have put our personal stamp on them.

In the bedroom we have bought new duvet covers for the feather ticks, with matching pillow cases and we also got a scarf for the dresser and added a small jewelry box purchased in Macedonia.

We covered the sofa in our spare room/office with a (fairly traded) cloth we brought from home and a throw pillow bought here (both with elephants).

We found another nice throw pillow here, and also a woven cloth from Sarajevo to make the living room "homey." And for fun we found these strawberry coasters and place mats for when we eat there.

Other than purchasing a microwave, we have not made many changes to the kitchen/dining area. We've bought some mugs, glasses and utensils, some and a few other small items, but these are the major additions we've made.

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Carrie said...

i love it:) looking good! we're headed down to VA today for early Easter. i'll hug grandma for you!