Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Universal Easter Tradition

It seems that the world over, those who celebrate Easter will dye eggs. Unlike in America, however, where we use many colors, or even stripes or speckles the preference here seems to be for a red to reddish brown color.

They may decorate them with stickers or egg sleeves. While we saw some sleeves with Disney characters and bunnies on them, most of the sleeves we saw had icons of Saint Nicholas and Mary with Baby Jesus.

I believe the sticker (in Cyrillic script) translates to "Christ" but I'm not certain. It is very hard for me to read the cursive Cyrillic.

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LynnyMama said...

I'm wondering if they know there are chickens who lay eggs already that color :)

love the iconic eggs-- so much neater than our "cars" eggs :)