Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prvi Maj-Mayday

Prvi Maj (First of May) is a big holiday here. Almost everyone gets off from work. So a large group of friends we have here decided to go on a picnic. As soon as we got to a lovely flat meadow, however, it started to drizzle. One family had brought a 10x5.5 meter piece of plastic, and we draped it over two vans and crowded underneath. While hoping the rain would stop, we sang a few songs and had a lot of chats with friends. As we sat and sang, a flock of sheep and a lone cow (with a bell around her neck) wandered into the field, and then went away.

We finally decided that the rain wasn't going to
stop anytime soon, so we drove back to town and moved our "picnic" inside. Until the rain let up, they even did some of the grilling inside! Getting all the food prepared for our meal required cutting up veggies (at right), in addition to grilling. Some people brought potato salad, rolls and other goodies (like chocolate chip cookies from another expat). We brought a tort (an amazing cake with lots of frosting, and in this case two different types of fruit), because Steve's birthday is coming up, and the tradition is for the one having the birthday to provide the cake.
Eventuall the rain did stop, and some people crowded outside to enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of the river. All in all, we enjoyed our Mayday, after all, it's not where you are, but who you're with that makes good memories.


robert said...
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robert said...

Sounds like a lot of great times with your new friends...good friends-great food!! (c:)

LynnyMama said...

precisely-- in fact, you probably remember it more because of all the little idiosyncracies of the day.