Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to line dry clothes when it's snowing

The weather reports for today were that it was going to be raining and snowing today. But by 1:30 last night it was already snowing quite a bit (still haven't seen the rain)-I was up because Esther was up. Since we have to pretty much do laundry every day, regardless of the weather, and we don't own a clothes drier-they are very rare here-we had to come up with other ways to get our clothes dry. So here is one way-hang the clothes on a drying rack in front of a heater.
In case you're wondering why we need to do so much laundry, you should know that our washer only holds 6 kilo (about 12 pounds) at a time, so between our clothes, the girls clothes, diapers (washed every three days) and things like towels and sheets, it is a rare holiday when nothing needs washing.

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