Sunday, December 21, 2008

A New Fruit Experience

Produce vendors tend to give a free piece of fruit to regular customers when they make a purchase. Once we were given a very nice pomegranate. On a recent excursion to the piazza next to our apartment, we were given this. Neither of us had ever seen one before. So, we took it home, washed it, cut it in half and took a bite. The flavor was sort of like an apple kissed by an orange. The texture was sort of like chewing on soft wood.
When we described, it to a friend here, she told us it was a quince. They are not to be eaten raw, but cut into pieces and stewed. I guess we'll know for next time.

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Davene said...

I love reading your blog because it reminds me so often of experiences we had while living in the Middle East. Like being given a free piece of fruit by produce vendors...and sometimes not knowing what it was...oh, it brings back so many memories!

I'm glad you all have adventurous spirits! :)