Friday, December 19, 2008

On The "Road" Again

It seems much of the last few weeks has been absorbed in travelling to other countries. Since the end of November, we've been to Albania, Serbia (admitedly only to the Belgrade airport, but since we spent seven hours there, it seems like it should count) and Germany. And on the 23rd we will pack up and head out again, this time by train and ferry. Our destination: Bari, Italy. We will take a train from Podgorica to Bar (a coastal city in Montenegro) and then board an overnight ferry to Bari (Bar to Bari, fun, right?). We have been invited to spend Christmas with some friends currently living in Italy. Then we come back to Podgorica for the big New Year's extravaganza (that's the big holiday here), and then another Christmas (the former Yugoslavian countries celebrate Christmas on January 7th-oddly enough after epiphany-does that mean the Magi came before Jesus was born?)
I think after that, we'll be done with travelling for awhile.

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