Friday, January 16, 2009


After our failed attempt to conquer Lovćen, we decided to wind up the day in Kotor. It has a beautiful "Old Town" which sits nestled under a mountain. On the mountain itself there is a long fortress road that winds its way up to a castle about midway up the mountain. Sorry that we didn't get any pictures of the castle, but from this gate, you go through the narrow path and then there are steep stairs that I presume lead to the road towards the castle.

We stopped at a restaurant in Kotor for pizza and sodas/coffees. Our waitress wore an Orthodox cross necklace in a rather "questionable" spot.
Here is our group on the bridge that leads into the old city. One of the girls in our group, who is only in high school, is actually the #1 high jumper in the entire country. She went to Olympic camp in 2008, and plans on jumping in the 2012 games in London! We just met her. She lives in Cetinje.
One bit of trivia about Kotor, it has the narrowest street in the world. It's called "Let me pass" and two grown men cannot walk side-by-side on it. I don't think we saw this street, but we did see some narrow streets.

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