Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sarajevo Scenery

Ever since the 1984 winter Olympics, I have been interested in Sarajevo. Indeed, it is a city rich with beauty and (often sad) history. To learn more about this first historical incident, click here:

In 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assasinated while crossing a bridge in Sarajevo. This was the catalyst that sparked World War I. In this picture at right, just behind the people you can see a bit of that bridge.

The start of the Bosnian war between the Orthodox Serbs and the Muslims also started in Sarajevo, when in 1992 shots were fired from the Holiday Inn which had been built for the Olympics. And in another sad bridge event, an almost Romeo & Juliet story happened on this bridge (at right) when a couple were on opposite sides (one was Muslim the other Orthodox) and in their attempt to escape and be married, they were both shot and killed in the middle of the bridge.

And I needed at least one Olympic shot, so the snowflake pattern on the sidewalk here is my tribute to Olympic design. Laura is standing with our friend Srđan who is from Sarajevo.

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Carine Novpov said...

Hey there !!

I realized I could find other bloggers from Montenegro, and decided to post a little word to expats I found!
My boyfriend and I also moved from Paris, to Monty in last september, and I've just launched a website featuring news on Montenegro, and an attempt to a Survival Guide, and also a forum for expats here waiting for expats to participate!
Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your year off in Monty !

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