Sunday, February 8, 2015

All Through The Town

We feel fortunate to have a bus stop near our house. The route goes right by Ruth's pre-school and has a stop a few meters away from it. It also has a stop near one of the main shopping centers we frequent. So if our car's not working well, or we don't feel like driving, or we need to meet up somewhere, the bus is a viable option. The cost is 70 euro cents per adult, children ride free. The girls love to ride the bus, much more than a taxi, sometimes more than our car.

Esther is sitting by herself, but later moves to my lap.
Some of the bus tickets we get.

There are some differences between city buses here and those we've experienced elsewhere. Most of the buses we've ridden in are "hand-me-downs" from a German speaking country. They still have the instructional signs in German. The bus stops only have the schedule for when a bus starts from it's original station, not when it will reach that stop. If no one is waiting at a stop and no one is standing on the bus (to indicate they want to get off), the bus doesn't stop. It seems to ensure that the driver knows you want to get off, you should stand as soon as the bus leaves/passes the preceding stop. Sometimes the bus leaves the starting point early (the stop near our house is the starting point and once I was on a bus that left 10 minutes earlier than the stated time). Sometimes the driver will stop the bus for a personal errand (We have both experienced drivers stopping at a sports betting store to presumable place a wager on a sporting event).


Blanche said...

we sometimes would take a bus from Podgorica to Plav or vice versa and the bus would stop at random places along the road to let people off....not a bus stop. It was usually at a remote area along the way.

Melissa Hunter-Kilmer said...

Ack! A bus can leave early???? Well, I guess that isn't any worse than a busdriver stopping for a personal errand. :-) How often do these buses run? I'm wondering how long you'd have to wait if you missed a bus that left early.

Steve, Laura, Ruth and Esther said...

They run every half hour on weekdays, a little less on weekends and holidays. So you'd likely be waiting 40 minutes or just get a taxi. There is also a lesser known group which Steve refers to as "black taxis" which drive to bus stops and pick up people who missed the bus and take them to their destination for the price of bus fare (which is cheaper than taxi fare). Steve thinks this might be illegal though.

Melissa Hunter-Kilmer said...

That's free enterprise in an unregulated (or maybe under-regulated) society, right?