Sunday, February 22, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ruth started preschool in November. She is the only native English speaker there.
Most days she is excited to go to school. She learns letters and numbers in both Serbian and English. She has also learned some other words like "majka" (pronounced like the English name Micah, it means "mother")and "tata" (daddy). She now addresses us this way :)
And sometimes she asks us what a word she heard in school means.

Here is a picture of the building her school, called a vrtić (little garden), is in. There is a small playground outside for when warm weather comes.
This past week she came home, very happy with her nails polished. She said the teacher had painted them. I thought this was cute, but wondered what might be the repercussions in America if a preschool teacher painted students' nails without parental consent.

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