Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cijevna Canyon

There is a road sign on our main path into town that points the direction to Cijevna Canyon. We figured it must be nearby, and rather impressive to have received such touting. So we asked about it, and were told it was probably two or three kilometers away. Yesterday, we decided to give it a try. We started walking in the direction the sign indicated. There was sidewalk at first, and so it was relatively easy going. Then the sidewalk ended. Soon after we came to a gas station and asked directions. We were told that the canyon was four kilometers farther down the road, about two mintutes driving. When we motioned that we were walking, along with funny looks, we received the information that it would be about 20 minutes by foot.

Eventually we crossed a bridge that went over a small canyon. We wondered if that was what we'd walked all this way for. We asked some people and they explaned that yes, it was the canyon, but it stretched in both directions for quite some ways. So we went back to the road above the canyon and turned left, following until we could actually find a path down into the canyon. There was no park like we were expecting, but maybe it was even better.

We were able to get right down in the canyon. We ate a picnic lunch on a rock that jutted out into the river. There were no other people, just a friendly flock of sheep nearby.

The water is so clear that you can seen the river bed quite easily.
So, you decide, was our 5 km walk worth it?


robert said...

AWESOME ... Well worth the energy expended to get there !! (c:) I think I'd hike there regularly,if my schedule permitted,just to meditate and reflect on God's majesty !!

lois said...

Wow, beautiful scenery and very clear pictures of it. I think it would be worth it to have some place to get away for peace and quiet and to enjoy God's creation.

Ken Horst said...

Your exploratory spirit is great. It looks like a great spot to go and recharge-- an oasis type place. Enjoy it often. Ken

Tracy said...

This is a beautiful sight to see, I'm sure it was well worth the extra time it took to walk there.

LynnyMama said...

I'm glad to see it was well worth it. A nice reward for your effort, especially with those sheep safely grazing. No Bach in the wind I imagine. Obviously the signs were touting appropriately :)

mike said...

The canyon looks like a great place with the clear, refreshing water and rocky slopes. I'm glad you persevered. Good photos!