Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're Here!

After what seems a long preliminary season, we have finally arrived at our destination-Podgorica, Montenegro. We are now renting a lovely furnished appartment complete with two balconies, TV, and refridgerator/freezer, as well as the needed table, chairs and bed.
After we recover from some unfortunately timed colds, I'll post some pictures of our home as well as the city as we get to know it by GPS and help from friends.

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robert said...

Hi,Laura and Steve!!
So glad to "officially" hear that you've arrived at your new home.G'ma said that both of you and she woke up w/nasty sore throats on Sept.2nd-not a very nice way to start a trip. )c:)You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya!
Aunt Lois