Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Parking Place

There is a small park near our apartment where we have gone several evenings to just sit and soak in the language and culture. One evening we also saw an auto accident at the intersection just before the park. Last evening we strolled to an unlit area and were about to go down stairs to a small gazebo area when we realized that there was a canoodling couple there, so we moved along, and I don't think we were noticed. This is the fountain at the entrance.


lois said...

It looks like an interesting park. Aunt Lois says to tell you that she also enjoys your blog.Hope you enjoyed your cookies.

robert said...

Looks relaxing and refreshing to me!

Carrie said...

lucky you! a park near by:) there aren't very many in phnom penh. loving your blog so far - keep it up!