Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

We both enjoy food. Since we've been here we have tried many new things. Here is a sampling of some of our adventures in eating.
This is a fabulous curried lentil recipe that we found in the More with Less cookbook. I highly recommend it. After tasting how yummy it is, we can sympathize with Esau. It might be worth selling a birthright for :). (For those who might be wondering, Laura made it, and Steve is already asking for her to make it again).

And here are two taste temptations. The red things are truly amazing. They are dried strawberries. Not the dehydrated strawberry slices you get in cereal, but actually candied, strawberry "rasins." It's like eating an entire jar of strawberry jam concentrated into one berry. And the Luna bar is a wafer cookie covered in crispy rice, caramel and chocolate! Steve was familiar with these from before.

This Milka bar IS watermelon flavored. And the best part is, the watermelon is in the form of Pop Rocks. Just imagine the flavor of rich milk chocolate, milk cream, and watermelon popping in your mouth! It's actually very good.

These jaffa cakes are a soft cookie with orange maramalade and dark chocolate on top. I highly recommend them if you can find them where you are. I don't remember ever seeing them in the States, but there is a whole shelf of them in our local supermarket.


robert said...

I used to make the "More with Less" curried lentils recipe when our family was all living at home-It is a winner!! (c:) I should try it again.

Carrie said...

yummy - gotta love the random snacks:)