Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Millennium Bridge and more

The Millennium Bridge (or Most Milenjium) is the iconic bridge that was built in Podgorica, because they wanted something that could be easily identified. You see it, and you know "oh, that's Podgorica!" in the same way you can regcognize Sidney by it's opera house or Fenway Park by the Green Monster.

We were told that this bridge cost three times as much to build as the other bridges across the Morača (€6 million rather than €2 million).
I'm afraid that my photos don't do it justice. This looks a bit like an impressionist painting of it :),_Podgorica has more information, and a closer up picture. I rather like the romantic quality of mine though :)
Today we also went to an interesting museum, the Contemporary Arts Center of Montenegro. It is located in the middle of a park, behind the American Embassy (which we have not yet entered-we registered with them online). According to the museum's web page, there are a number of buildings, however, we only went to the Palace of Petrovic one. Inside there was art (mostly modern) from many different cultures. My favorite were the art works on the third floor, mostly from Asia, including some beautiful, large "paintings" that were made with embroidery floss! from Korea. There was no admission cost, we were the only ones in the musuem, except a staff person, and she gave us a small full color book of all the museums in Montenegro. Here's the link:
Also inside the park is a small chapel, and we saw a group of well dressed people followed by a priest in flowing vestments go in, and presumed it was a wedding.

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