Friday, October 24, 2008


Humming the music from "Fiddler on the Roof" right now :). We have been exposed to many of the customs and traditions of the former Yugoslavian culture, especially on our recent trip through Serbia.

We passed by a heritage museum, unfortunately it was closed for Sunday. We did get a shot through their display window. We were informed that the shade of blue on the dress (and the outer walls) is the typical traditional shade. I (Laura) really like the blouse!

We also saw a man making some home brew (brandy we were told). I'm not sure how well the "still" shows up. It is just to the left of the dark car on the right, and has a great deal of smoke coming from it. Not sure what the wheelbarrow is for. Steve said you could really smell it as you approached.
It is legal and customary for people in the Balkans to make their own alcoholic beverages.

But the funniest thing was watching a bunch of "Coffee culture" people standing around a small, portable, gas burner in the middle of a sidewalk, so that they could make their mid-day java fix.
The small silver "pot" is used for the traditional coffee brewing (a sort of "turkish coffee-usually very strong, and very sweet). It is then consumed from tiny china cups (almost child tea-set size). Steve prefers espreso, it was hard to find the pot to make that here, but some friends brought us one from Albania.

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robert said...

Sounds like some interesting times - Good strong coffee too !!

The blouse looks quite pretty-Are you planning to get one like it,Laura?