Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Washer!

When we first moved in, our apartment had a very old washing machine. It had a few quirks, but we figured out how to use it, and got by. Recently though, it wasn't spinning properly, and there would be water in the bottom of the drum when we went to take the clothes out. Wringing a load of wash by hand is not much fun, especially towels and sheets. But we need clean clothes, so we dealt with it. On our final attempt however, water started pouring out of the emergency overflow valve and the entire drum was full of water. We let our landlords know, and they very graciously provided a brand new machine. We did a load yesterday and it was lovely. The clean clothes smelled like fabric softner and were ready to be hung on the clothesline without any wringing.
We have found the informational pictures on the control to be rather funny though. It appears that we can wash sheep and butterflies, although not on the same cycle :)

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lois said...

Perhaps the sheep refers to wool and the butterflies to delicate?