Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Sweet Surprise

We took the camera along yesterday, because I, Laura, really wanted to get a picture of these yellow thistles, since the only ones I've seen in America are purple. We went for coffee with a friend, spent some time comparison shopping for soveniers, ate dinner at an outdoor cafe where we watched Wimbledon, and then went to visit some other friends.

Imagine our surprise on the way home to see this tiny little hedgehog foraging in the grass. A bit farther on, we saw another one, but he was too fast to photograph. We weren't even aware that they were native to the area, although we had learned the Serbian word for them, "jeŇ°" (pronounced yesh). If he would have curled into his defensive posture, he probably would have been the size of a baseball.

As we passed through the center again, we decided to get a picture of the fountain at night, as the lights make it quite lovely.

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