Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Handy Discovery

We had invited some friends over for breakfast, and Steve's plan was to make a breakfast casserole. The first obstacle came when we discovered that the tube of meat we purchased (which looked like the packaging of sausage back home) was in fact bologna rather than sausage. Steve then very cleverly bought sausage links and ground them in our little food chopper. The second problem was that we really didn't have a proper dish to prepare the casserole in. We went to our local supermarket-with-home-store and browsed until we discovered a suitable sized dish for a reasonable price. The third and final issue was when we realized that we were two eggs short. We had already covered a good bit of ground that day, walking to a museum and then around the town, so we were not feeling like walking to the supermarkets. So Steve went down to the little grocery in our building. There he made a handy discovery: you can buy the exact amount of eggs you need (in this case, two). You don't need to get 10 eggs (the standard size here rather than a dozen), but can just take two up to the register and pay :) The casserole turned out great, and our friends here really enjoyed it.

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LynnyMama said...

reminds me of stories that Danny tells about his mom trying to make American meals (familiar favorites) out of what she could find in Nepal-- this post made me smile- as did the apple/lime kool-aid? I told you how I destroyed our pressure cooker by trying to make popcorn in it, didn't I? :) you know me and the kitchen- we have a love/hate relationship. wish I could send you some goodies.