Tuesday, February 3, 2009


If you couldn't guess from the title, novac (pronounced no-vats) is the Serbian word for money
As we travel through the Balkans, we have collected various currencies. The Euro is the currency in Montenegro, even though it has not yet joined the European Union. Since this is fairly common throughout Europe, we didn't photograph it.

However, we thought you might like to see Macedonian Denar, Serbian Dinar (just a slight difference in spelling and pronunciation) and Bosnian Marks.

Notice the Madonna and Child on the Macedonian 1000 Denar. There is an Orthodox Priest on the Serbian 20 Dinar. And the Bosnian 50 Mark has some sort of Orthodox Icon on it. I can just imagine what sort of hissy fit the atheists in America would throw if we started putting pictures of Saints and church leaders on the money. They already balk at "In God we trust."

In the States, we have a Nutella jar full of coins and paper money collected in our various travels, and also generously donated by friends and family who have journied abroad. I am planning to add some of the money we gather here to that collection, but we may also spend some of it. We did spend most of our Macedonian money, and exchanged our Albanian Lek (not pictured here). But we might also give some currency to friends who also like to collect foreign coins.


LynnyMama said...

now, Laura, that's a bit critical, it'd be perfectly fine as long as there were a variety of world religion's leaders on our denominations-- :) I think it'd be fun to have a little fat buddha on my quarter and maybe billy graham on my dollar :)

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