Saturday, February 14, 2009

Powerless on Friday 13th

Neither of us is superstitious, and it was really "unlucky" or scary, but we did have an unusual occurrence here on Friday the 13th. At around 6 pm the power went out. This isn't an entirely unheard of happening here, but it isn't frequent and hasn't really lasted longer than half an hour in our experience. We hadn't had supper yet, but since we had seconds at lunch, we weren't overly hungry. The problem was it was dark, and getting colder in other rooms of the house (the living room electric heater stays hot for a long time even when it's turned off). We decided that to amuse ourselves we would play games. At our home in America, we have many very fun board games, but here we only had a deck of Rook cards and a deck of regular playing cards. Since you can't really play Rook with only two people we decided on the standard deck. It had been a long while since I, Laura, had played with real cards (computer games are so much handier) and I didn't really know many two person games anyway, so Steve taught me several versions of poker, Blackjack and gin. We played by candle light and had a great time. The power flickered at about quarter to 8, but didn't actually come back on until 9:30. We decided to make popcorn and watch a short video to wrap up our night. It was actually nice to spend time focused on each other without the distraction of TV and computer.

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robert said...

Ahhh...the simpler romantic!! (c:)