Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anniversary Montenegro Style

November 18th was our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate by going to the Chinese restaurant (there is only one in Podgorica-at least this side of the river), and walking around areas of the city we hadn't explored before. The Chinese food was very good. We started with a trip to the post office where we found two anniversary cards waiting for us-good timing Grandma and Aunt Lois!

We found an area called Scales, that goes down to the river via stone steps and has many different paths. It looks like there used to be a castle there. We found several other places during our explorations, an old Orthodox church named for Saint George, and a bar where everybody "should" know our name :)

We got ice cream and bought some souvenirs, and came home and watched a DVD and skyped my best friend (and her sweet children). A good day all around.


robert said...

Sounds like a wonderful day together for two "Love Birds"... (C:)

Menno Jeweler said...

Happy belated anniverary to you both! We are here at the Gehmans' house for Thanksgiving and are looking at your blog. Hope all is well with you both!

LynnyMama said...

okay- the cheers thing is pretty cool. danny and I went to the original in boston once. that's just too funny.