Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life Without Candy Corn

Okay, I (Laura) will admit to being slightly addicted to candy corn. Last year in the States, I was able to get it from late September until the end of March. First it comes in autumnal shades of orange, yellow, brown, and there are the yummy accompanying pumpkins too :). Soon after Thanksgiving, you begin to find it in red, white and green (called "reindeer corn), or in shapes of Santa, bells and trees. After Christmas, it's just the red and white of Valentine's Day (Cupid corn) and finally a sort of pastelli Easter "bunny" corn. I don't know why I like it so much. It's just good (unlike circus peanuts).

It would seem that it doesn't exist over here. We did see a picture of it on a bulk food bin, but no candy corn inside (we figure it came with the bin, which was probably imported from America). My loving mother was going to send us some, but quite sensibly drew the line at paying $27.00 to ship a pound.

So, I will just have to spend a year without candy corn. I will have to make it up by indulging in much wonderful chocolate, and other candy I can get here. And then, as Steve informed me, I will really be able to appreciate the candy corn, which I took for granted before, when we return to the states.

PS. This is in no measure a plea for someone to send candy corn, it is too expensive, and I will survive :)


robert said...

I'd take yummy European or American chocolate any day in preference to candy corn...

Steve's right...You'll probably appreciate it all the more when you return to the states,or else you'll have lost your taste for it and wonder why you ever liked it so much!! (c:)

Laura and Steve said...

It's not that I prefer candy corn to chocolate, it's just that once in awhile I like a non-chocolate candy to sort of balance it out.