Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Got Mail

It's been two months, and finally we've received two actual pieces of "snail mail!" About a month ago, we found an envelope addressed to us, but it had been open and the contents removed. So at the advice of an acquaintance who works at the post office, we rented a post office box for the year. It's about a mile away, so every Tuesday and Friday we walk there to check for mail. It was getting a bit discouraging, because the long walk was not feeling very fruitful, but this past Friday, there were those two whole envelopes, just for us! We realize that with email, Facebook, Skype and our blog, staying in touch by snail mail isn't so necessary or easy, but it is nice to once and awhile have a tangible piece of evidence that people remember you exist.
This is not intended to guilt anyone into sending us mail, just sharing that we are so happy not to be forgotten.


Davene said...

Yay for the simple pleasures of life! :)

robert said...

I'm sure Carrie understands completely what you're talking about-she seldom gets "snail mail" either,but finds great pleasure in the few pieces she does get !! (c:)