Sunday, November 2, 2008

Has It Been Two Months Already?

Two months ago today Laura's parents drove us to the airport (thanks Mom and Dad!) and we boarded a plane in Dulles, switched in Vienna and finally landed in Podgorica the next day where we were picked up by friends and driven to our new apartment.
Since that time we have met many new friends, traveled to several different countries, gone out for coffee or pizza often, visited parks, open markets and a museum, and have been having daily language classes.
Our friend Lazar took this picture of us in a park in Novi Sad.
We hope to go to the nearby town of Cetinje (the original capitol of Montenegro-it's where the King lived, they still have a Prince, but he is actually living in France, his family was exiled after WWI, that is where the cultural museums of Montenegro are.
We also will begin teaching/tutoring English to some middle school students starting next week. This will also help our language learning.
Our travel plans for the next little while include visiting friends in Albania for American Thanksgiving, going to the Weinacht's Markts in Germany in early December, and visiting friends in Italy for Christmas (December 25th-here in Montenegro, Christmas is celebrated in early January because of the mostly Orthodox population).


aslanseyes said...

I know... time seems to flow on a different wavelength during these kind of experiences, doesn't it? Do your Montenegran friends have a big Thanksgiving Day celebration planned? :) (That's a joke, but it's kind of true because I just met an Ecuadorian guy who said they've absorbed so much of our culture they actually DO celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving in Ecuador!)Stay safe!


Davene said...

Hi, Laura!

I just saw your blog address today in our Weavers bulletin; it's been fun tonight to read through all your posts and see your pictures.

We missed you a few weekends ago at the 15-year reunion, but how exciting that you're having this adventure!

Have fun living each day to the fullest! :)

robert said...

Sounds like busy,but exciting times...I'm sure your term will be fly by very quickly.

I'm glad you'll be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your new friends,but we'll sure miss you here... )c:)