Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Walk to Delta City

I really wish we would have brought pedometers along so we would know just how much we've walked since we arrived here. We walked maybe two miles yesterday to Delta City, a new mall that will soon have a movie theater (this is good since we were told the only other movie theater in Podgorica is falling down). There is a giant supermarket there, with more selection than our nearby Mex Centar. On the way, we took pictures of the Morača river, and a statue of Saint Peter of Centinje, who reminds me of the Elbonians from Dilbert cartoons. I guess it's the hat and robe :)

Along with groceries, we purchased a printer for our laptop, and since it was bulky, we decided to take a taxi home. This was somewhat complicated by the fact that they still haven't opened the road they were painting. It's been a week and a half! But we learned that there is a twisty back way to our building, probably not one we'll use often.

We also took a picture of Delta City, which looks pretty much like an American mall we think. If you wonder why I look a bit worried, we have to cross that intersection to get to the mall, and pedestrians don't really have the right of way here. You pretty much just go when you can.

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robert said...

It seems the USA is about the only country where the pedestrian has priority over vehicles...